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Welcome to openATTIC’s documentation!

The times when storage was considered a server-based resource and every system needed to have its own hard drives are long gone. In modern data centers central storage systems have become ubiquitous for obvious reasons. Centrally managed storage increases flexibility and reduces the cost for unused storage reserves. With the introduction of a cluster or virtualization solution shared storage becomes a necessity.

This mission-critical part of IT used to be dominated by proprietary offerings. Even though mature open source projects may now meet practically every requirement of a modern storage system, managing and using these tools is often quite complex and is mostly done decentrally.

openATTIC is a full-fledged central storage management system. Hardware resources can be managed, logical storage areas can be shared and distributed and data can be stored more efficiently and less expensively than ever before – and you can control everything from a central management interface. It is no longer necessary to be intimately familiar with the inner workings of the individual storage tools. Any task can be carried out using the intuitive openATTIC interface.

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